Who discovered the oldest footprints dating back 117 000 years Skype live cam girls


The tracks include up to five different prints, indicating a group of both adults and children walked across the ancient wet estuary silt.They are the earliest direct evidence of human ancestors in the area and may belong to some of the first ever Britons.The preserved tracks, which consisted of 49 imprints in a soft sedimentary rock, are believed to be around 900,000 years old and could transform scientists understanding of how early humans moved around the world.

The left-hand Rose diagram below the model reveals the orientation data for 49 of the prints, while the right-hand diagram shows the direction of movement for 29 prints ‘Although we knew that the sediments were old, we had to be certain that the hollows were also ancient and hadn’t been created recently,’ said Dr Simon Lewis, a geoarchaeologist at Queen Mary University of London.Langebaan is a small lagoon town on the Cape West Coast.Situated an easy hour’s drive from Cape Town, Langebaan provides an ideal base from which to explore the West Coast and the bounty of excellent attractions in the area.Research has revealed that the well preserved footprints are about 20,000 years old, and can tell some amazing stories.They are the oldest footprints ever found in Australia and the largest set of ice age footprints in the world.The Happisburgh footprints were a set of fossilized hominid footprints that date to the early Pleistocene.

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