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This investigation of information in 324 profiles from two chat rooms for adults found that most users include a picture of themselves on their profile, hence apparently tying themselves to their offline identity.

ALL chats, public and private are logged and viewable by admins and the chat providers.Catch me in Forest of Infinity - ' Phalesar' or ' Necrohaunt'. Best free chat rooms I've place is rockin it, ive never met so many interesting people in my life... i place to talk freely and escape from ur own everyday life... University of Wolverhampton United Kingdom Mike Thelwall is Professor of Information Science and leader of the Statistical Cybermetrics Research Group at the University of Wolverhampton, U. He is also visiting fellow of the Amsterdam Virtual Knowledge Studio, a Docent at Åbo Akademi University Department of Information Studies, and a research associate at the Oxford Internet Institute.He has developed tools for downloading and analysing Web sites, blogs and social networking sites, including the research Web crawler Soc Sci Bot and software for statistical and topological analyses of site structures (through links) and site content (through text).Moreover, some chat rooms allow members to develop profile pages too.

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