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"Most people are far more aware of how their partner is contributing to the problems in the relationship than they are.When we can't ‘fix’ ourselves, sometimes we need a third party's perspective." The main complaints couples bring to therapy are "losing connection and high levels of conflict," Doherty says.Understanding the emotional factors that influence your relationships and determine your satisfaction with your current life situation is the first step in deciding how to improve your experience.Utilizing the latest research tested assessment techniques and the most effective intervention tools; I work with singles to help them understand their role in intimate relationships and develop skills to make their relationships more satisfying.Shifting from a problem-focused model to a solution-focused approach that maximizes the individual’s strengths has proven to be successful in helping individuals to feel more control in their social life.Individual counseling sessions will stimulate and encourage you to move beyond your comfort level to make contact with friends, family and prospective partners.You will feel more control and confidence in your social relationships.

An abundance of sensitive emotions will be brought forward during the counseling process, and it’s the counselor’s job to help their clients feel understood and respected.Building genuine connections from a trusting counselor patient relationship is possible when these factors exist: You’re empathetic.People who choose counseling as a career path are usually empathetic by nature.You must express understanding, but not in the sense that you agree with irrational behaviors or thoughts. Counseling requires a great deal of listening—it’s how therapy works: they talk, you listen.It’s your job to stay focused and give each patient the full attention they need, and you need, in order to gain insight to make an accurate assessment, and ultimately develop a suitable therapy plan. After you’ve listened to your client share their story, and taken good notes, the next step is to establish clear objectives, based on the specific issues and needs of your client.The fundamental goal of counseling is to help individuals who are experiencing personal challenges be able to resolve them and improve their emotional well-being.

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