Dating a sellers cabinet

I know that you're proud of that "Hoosier" cabinet that is sitting in your kitchen.

It doesn't matter if you searched for just the right cabinet for 15 years, and then spent another 5 years cleaning it up, finding parts and getting it just right, or if grandma left you her old cabinet that still looked the same as it did when it left the factory, admit it, you're proud of your "Hoosier".

Please make sure you send me the picture in JPEG or GIF format keeping it as small a file as possible.Very practical and functional, Hoosier cabinets aren’t just pieces of antique furniture that sit unused. Hoosier cabinets didn’t hit the scene until the turn of the 20th century, though they were roughly based on baker’s cabinets that were popular in the 19th century, according to SF Gate.Oftentimes, they can still be used in kitchens to store and prep food just like in the olden days. Named after Hoosier Manufacturing Co., these cabinets were also made by several other companies ñ though most of them stopped manufacturing them in the 1930s. These freestanding cabinets added a lot to kitchens — particularly extra storage space; built-in places for flour bins, spice racks, bread, and more; and a slide-out shelf that offers an extra surface to work on. There are still plenty of Hoosier cabinets out there, so it’s all about separating the older versions from the more modern ones.Other sizes of the Handy Sorts Cabinets can be supplied at proportionate prices.Brass Label Holders attached to any Cabinet at an addition to the list price of five cents for each Holder.” Source: 1905 Hamilton Mfg.So now I'm going to give you the chance to show it off to the world!

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